New Integration and Immprovement in the Page feature

Page integration

The integration page view has now been updated and now you can integrate your Page with more choices such as Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Blogger, Ghost, etc. to embed Page or install Pop-ups from the Page that you have created.

Improvement Page Compose

Page Compose display now follows the original size when the Page has been published.

Improvement of Button Components on the Page

You can add animation to the button so that your Page visitors are more aware of the button provided. To provide animation on the button, you can access the button component settings, then search for ‘Static Animation’ and select the animation you want.

Improvement of Image Components on the Page

Now there is an option to use images with the original size or full page size through the ‘Edge to Edge’ option in the image component. If you want to use a full page size image then the ‘Edge to Edge’ option needs to be activated. If you want to use images with their original size, then deactivate the ‘Edge to Edge’ option. Additionally, if you deactivate the ‘Edge to Edge’ option, you can adjust the layout of the image, set the shape of the image such as ‘Circle’ to create an image with a circle shape, and also set the height and width of the image.



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