Product Update

7 Februari 2018


Add to Calendar

This feature can help to provide information about your latest events and also as a reminder for recipients of your email. Because this feature is integrated directly with Google Calendar.

Landing page Whatsapp Chat Integration

This feature will help you integrate WhatsApp chat with the landing page that will be created.


Onboarding Registered User

There is an update on the steps when registering a new user MTARGET.

11 Januari 2018


Countdown on email

Countdown in email component can be used to make a time limit from the content of the email created.

Countdown on Landing Page

Countdown in the landing page component can be used as a reminder.

Barcode dan QR Code on Page

You can add barcodes to provide specific information or data on the page. QR code serves to direct customers from the page to the specific link page.

Form WebHook Configuration

The WebHook MTARGET feature can be added when you create an API form.

27 Desember 2018


Advanced Contact Filter

can you search for contacts based on labels, but you can also provide additional filters on the label you are looking for using this feature.


Header Component Email

You can add a menu in the email header section.

Chart Component

Now you can add a chart in the email.

Barcode & QR code

Another new feature is the barcode and QR code component that can be added to the email sent.

Integrasi File Manager ke Unsplash

At present, the MTARGET File Manager has been integrated with Unsplash.

29 November 2018


Halaman Pricing

Currently the MTARGET pricing page has a new look that is more easily understood by customers to find out the features offered by each package.

Duplicate Landing Page

Previously, only pages were created through the Template Manager feature that could be shared with other MailTarget users. But now, every page that has been created can be duplicated or saved as a template.

If you add the WhatsApp button, the link will automatically point to, you only need to add the destination phone number.

File Manager Multiupload

When uploading multiple files, and there are files that don’t match, there is no need to repeat uploads.

Weekly Email Marketing Summary Report

On Mondays every week, the MTARGET system will send an email in the form of a summary of the statistics of email marketing activities that you have done.

Image Editor Improvement

We made several changes to the appearance of Image Resizer to facilitate the use of the feature.

15 November 2018


Social Media Management (Facebook Page)

MTARGET released an additional feature of Social Media Management - Facebook Page that will help schedule post content on Facebook Page.

1 November 2018


Social Media Multi-post

With this feature, you can schedule posts for several social media in one campaign line. So, if there is a campaign that must be posted on several different social media platforms, there is no need to separate scheduling into different campaigns.

24 Oktober 2018


Share Template

We have released the Share Template feature that will make it easier for you to share email and page templates with fellow MTARGET users.

20 June 2018


Social Media Management

MTARGET Social Media Management makes it easy for you to manage social media accounts with different platforms on a single dashboard.

20 June 2018


Social Media Management

MTARGET Social Media Management makes it easy for you to manage social media accounts with different platforms on a single dashboard.

4 June 2018


Form Plugin on Wordpress

With this feature, you can choose and install any form that you have created in MTARGET on WordPress.

24 May 2018


Voucher Component on Email

This feature works to add promo code in your email. There are 3 types of vouchers, there are: Static, Dynamic, Import.

11 May 2018


Email Automation v.2.0

MTARGET latest automation feature with more experience and easy to use.

23 February 2018


Image Resizer

Image resizer MTARGET lets you to edit images, such as scaling, zooming in, zooming out, rotating, flipping and changing image ratios.

HTML Email

You can create an email template using the HTML code. If you have an email template in a file with HTML format, import it, then the email template will automatically be created. In addition, you can edit the HTML code directly to make adjustments to the template view.

12 February 2018


MTARGET Transactional v.1.0

The function of email transactional is to send emails based on user interaction trigger with web application system, such as email request to reset password, summary of transaction receipt and etc.

9 February 2018


A/B Testing on Email

The A / B Testing feature aims to increase the percentage of possibilities that your email will opened, by sending two different emails on two groups of a small portion of the audiences, and will be sending the email with the best audinces reponse automatically to the rest of audiences.

7 February 2018


Recipient Filter on Email

You can send email more specifically in a label by using filters “only” and “exclude” to create a filter in your email recipient. In addition, you can add more than one filter if needed.

Social Media Button on Email

You can add social media buttons on emails as share buttons. So, you can share email content that has been sent before.

Import Contact Labels from File

If you previously had to import contacts first to add label in the contact list, now you can do it when contact list still in CSV or excel file. Add a column labeled “label” in a CSV or excel file to label the contacts.

Social Media Button on Page

Social media button has function to share your page with others.

Countdown Timer Component on Page

Add a countdown timer component on the page to display information within a given period time.

26 January 2018


Table Component on Email

With table components, you can create tables in emails. Use it to create a receipt, customer list, or customize it based on your needs.


  • Update Wordpress integration instruction


  • Fix undefined text on title bar
  • Prevent image on email component text
  • Fix tour on email compose

19 January 2018


Component Video on Email

Make your email more interesting. Add video components to your email. In addition, you can also generate video on a web. Just copy and paste your video links.

Background Image on Each Email Component

In addition to using color, now you can use a picture for background on every component of email marketing. Combine text components with background images to create more interesting emails.


  • Add detail soft and hard bounce on report email
  • Update utm_medium for detailing source on google analytic
  • Add button download on detail report click-through
  • Update count in import contact state


  • Follow update api contact/label with count
  • Repair add label feature for report click-through
  • Fix import contact when quota is full
  • Fix broken email when subject contain enter
  • Fix false count recipient on before send email

29 September 2017

List View Location on Report

We’ve provided additional features in email marketing reports. Currently, you can view the locations of subscribers that you send email in list of locations arranged in order of cities with the most reading activity.

Shortcode on Text Component

Now you can add tags in the text component more easily when composing email. Simply by using the Shortcode button, then select the tag you want to display on the email. There are 4 kinds of tags you can choose. :

  • Fullname {fullname} : this tag is used to show the full name of the customer that receiving the email.
  • First Name {firstname} : this tag is used to show the first name of the customer that receiving the email.
  • Last Name {lastname} : this tag is used to show the last name of the customer that receiving the email.
  • Company {company} :this tag is used to show the company name of the customer that receiving the email.

Add Choices to Label

In the form there are multiple choices and checkbox that you can use as needed. Therefore, we added a feature so you can group the responses of the users more specific into a label.

Captcha on Form

Google Captcha on Form. Now, you can add Google Captcha to the Form that you’ve created. Google Captcha works to make your Form safe from spammers. You can install Google Captcha via Form Settings in the Captcha section. However, if you have used a custom domain then it requires a special guide.

Delete Response on Report Form

Now you can delete the response in the Report Form. You do not need to worry anymore if you create a Form with quota response limit, but it turns out there is a Form with empty response that can reduce the limit of the quota response.

When you create a Page, it will automatically generate permalink for that Page. You can customize the permalink according to your needs. Custom permalink settings on Page by clicking the Configuration button then write permalinks to your liking, and click Save.

Duplikat Page, Form and Automation

Now you can do duplicate on Page, Form and Automation, as you found in Email Marketing.

11 September 2017

Submit Limitation on Form

You can do limit on the form you have published. For example, you have a form with a submit form limit of 100 audiences then the form will be closed automatically so it can not be submitted again.

Image Choices on Form

Latest update on the form. Now you can create multiple choice and checkbox with choice of image on form. So the customers can make choices not only in the form of text, but also in the form of images.

Cancel Schedule on Email Marketing

Do you want to cancel a scheduled email delivery? No need to worry. Currently you can cancel the arranged email delivery schedule by pressing the edit button and then select cancel schedule on the email in question. Once done cancel, email will automatically saved as draft.

Forward, Reply and Complaint on Email Marketing

Your current customers can forward, reply and complaint on emails you have sent. Button forward allows customers to forward the email. Reply allows customers to directly respond to emails sent to you. Complaint allows customers to directly complain against you regarding emails sent to MTARGET.

Preheader on Email Marketing

You have been able to add a preheader to the created email. Preheader is a short summary text that follows the subject line when email is viewed in the inbox.

View Email in Your Browser

On our latest update, it allows customers to view the emails that have been sent in the browser by clicking on the “view email in your browser”.

Delivered Rule on Email Automation

We provide a new rule on email automation, which is delivered. The Rule aims to trigger the sending of the next email after the previous email is sent to the customer.

Send Test Email on Email Automation

One of the updates on email automation is you can do send email test on email automation. It aims to ensure that the emails sent like the way you want them to be.

26 August 2017

Custom Domain

Now you can customize your domain. Use it to make subscriber easier to remember your page address.


Email Marketing

  • Add component duplicate features to Email Marketing.
  • Loading footer configuration on email compose is now faster.
  • Added the Whatsapp icon to the Social Media component.

Email Automation

  • Added a scheduling to start Email Automation.


  • Added a page status filter on Page.

  • Added component duplicate feature on Page.

Form API

  • Add recipient filter in Form API.

  • Added a component duplicate feature on the Form API.

Template Manager

  • Add a category filter to the Template Manager.


  • Added Dismiss All feature to dismiss all notifications, instantly.
  • Loading dashboard is now becoming faster.

28 July 2017

Redirect After Submit

Now you can choose where the form will direct when the subscriber has filled out the form. There are three options:

  • Message.
  • URL.
  • Page.

You can select Page if you want to direct the form to the page you created in MTARGET.

Billing Information

In Billing Information you can view your package’s expiration information through Billing menu. You can view the package information you choose, validity period, contact amount, email delivery quota, and subscription fee.

Section Component on Form

No need to worry if you have a long enough form. Use the Section Component to divide your form into several steps. This is useful to make subscriber not tired to fill the long form.

Tour (Panduan)

You do not need to have trouble when learning how to use MTARGET. With Tour, you will be guided to use MTARGET step-by-step. If you still have trouble, please contact us via chat, we are ready to help you 😃.

21 June 2017

Page (Beta 2 Release)

Now create Page in MTARGET become easier. You can add the layout based on you needed and then add the component you want.

09 June 2017

Emoticon & Shortcode

Currently you can add emoticon to your Email Subject. By adding emoticon to the Email Subject, you can add the impression og getting familiar with customer. In addition, you can add tags more easily. Simply by pressing the Shortcode button, then select the tag you want to display on the Email Subject.

Custom Pagination

You can see custom pagination features on contact list, email, page or form that has been made. Below the list, you can set the number of lists you want to display. In the drop down view, you can select the number of lists that you want displayed (10, 25, 50 or 100).

19 May 2017

Support Button

Now we have provided Support Button which is located on the bottom right with the icon? (question mark) . In the Support Button there are 3 menus, namely: Tutorial, Chat and Help. The Tutorial allows you to read the tutorial while using MTARGET all at once. You still feel confused? Select the Chat menu to contact us. We also provide Help menu to create new tickets.

More Font on Email

In compose email, MTARGET provides more and more font styles. You can choose Font style on Font Type. When you select Font Type, you can immediately see the results of the font shape. If your email client does not support, then your Font Type will be changed to default font.

Drag and Drop on Form

Do you have trouble adding and changing the order of the Form components? Now you can do it easily. Simply by drag and drop, you can add and change the order of the Form components to suit your needs.

08 May 2017

Analytic on Page

With Analytic on Page feature, you can add Google Analytic and Facebook Pixel easily to the Page you’ve created with MTARGET.


Kini form tidak perlu Anda unpublish hanya untuk sekedar menambahkan field. Anda hanya perlu menyunting dan menambahkan field yang Anda inginkan, lalu klik update form. Maka form Anda akan langsung diperbarui.

21 April 2017

VCF Import

In addition to importing contacts with CSV and XLS file types, you can now import contacts with the VCF file type (vCard File). Of course it will make it easier for you to import contacts because of the large selection of file types.

HTML Component Page

On the page, you can add components by using HTML. With HTML, you can embed videos, photos, postings on social media, etc.

Custom Field on Contact Book

On contacts, we add a custom field feature. You can add fields to contacts based on your needs, so you can email customers more relevantly.

13 April 2017

Content Component

Make your email more interesting. Add various components such as text, images or buttons in your email. In addition, you can also generate content on a web that is considered interesting.

Download Button Component

We make it easy for your customers to download for the files you provide in the email.

16 March 2017

Birthday Automation

Good news coming from email automation! Now you can give trigger a birth date from customers. You can send emails on time when customers are having a birthday.


We have made updates to the MailTarget payment system. You can either manually transfer payments or use paypal.

Form API & Page (Beta Release)

You can input form data via API, so the form can be implemented on your other website. In addition, you can create a page easily and can make it as a pop up.

10 March 2017

Export Contact

In the export contact feature, you can download the contacts saved in your MTARGET account in whole or on the label you want.


With the notification feature you will get notifications directly. There will be four types of notifications, namely: Report Email Marketing, Report Email Automation, Ticket, Contact Book.

More Field on Contact Book

When you import contacts, you can add fields as birthdays and phone numbers of your subscribers. So, you can store data subscriber with more complete and professional.

Learn more about MTARGET product updates at Blog MTARGET.

17 Febuari 2017

MTARGET Tutorial

With the MTARGET tutorial, we provide step-by-step in using MTARGET. We present tutorials on the use of various features in MTARGET, such as: creating email marketing, labeling, how to read reports, and more. You can access the tutorial through the User Menu → Tutorial.

14 Febuari 2017

Social Media Icon

With the social media icon feature, you can use it to stay connected with your customers after they read your email. Read tips on using the Social Media icon at here

With the Component Footer feature in email compose, you can use it to provide complete information about your company information.

13 Febuari 2017

Email Automation (Beta Release) 🎉

With Email Automation you can email continuously based on your customer response.

16 January 2017

Template Category

We added 16 e-commerce category templates and 10 basic category templates. You can use them according to your needs.

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