Purify - Email Validator

Purify is a tool that allows you to validate the email you have. Purify can provide information about which emails are safe for sending campaigns. Purify can also provide information on which emails have invalid, bounce, or inaccurate statuses, including their reasons.

Here you can validate your email by first accessing the Purify page that you can access in here, then entering an email address into the column, and then clicking the Validate button.

An example of the results displayed by Purify when it has finished validating is as follows:

Email status information that can be displayed by Purify is:

DUPLICATE = Filter the same email address in one file

SYNTAX = Syntax/Typo Error

BOUNCE = Unreachable domain, no recipient inbox

DELIVERABLE = Verified as a real email address

ROLE = Email address used as a sender, not to receive email

RISKY = Accept all emails

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