Improvement Contact Book, New Integration Google Tag Manager, Improvement Report Email and Additional Configuration on Cookies

Update October 18, 2020

New Interface & Advanced Contact Book Filter

Now Contact Book comes with a fresh design with a few updates. One of them is Advanced Filter. Previously, you could only search for contacts by label, now you can combine them by field. For a more complete explanation of Advanced Filter, you can read here

New Integration Google Tag Manager

You can integrate your Pages with Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager functions as a third party to accommodate all the pixels you want to use in one analytic. Now, you can integrate it with the MTARGET Page. For the complete tutorial you can read here.

Improvement Report Email Marketing: Specific Time

Now you can see the specific information on the time when the email recipient opens your email. This can make it easier for you to analyze the email reports that you get, especially on the time specification.

You can customize the appearance of cookies on the page according to what you need.

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