New Dashboard and Web Suite

Big Updates

This update will provide a new experience in using MTARGET and also new features that can support your marketing needs. What is it?

New Dashboard

The dashboard has now been updated with a minimalist and fresh design. Plus MTARGET’s features have also grown and there are more and more choices, we summarize the existing features and sub-features and then categorize them according to need.

Web Suite

There are 2 new features in the Web Suite category. You will get Banner Management and Web Push on your website or use it on the MTARGET Page.

Banners allow you to create personalized notifications in the form of Banners that will appear on web pages. Banner Management has also been equipped with reports, so you can measure how engaged your website is with visitors. In addition, you can also use Web Push to send push notifications to all your website visitors, which has been equipped with reports from each push notification delivery.

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