Update MTARGET Integration - Google Analytics 4 & WordPress Plugin

Product Update April 18, 2023

The current integration is updating Google Analytics MTARGET (GA), which still uses the old version, namely Universal, to a new version, namely Google Analytics 4, because the Universal version will stop processing data on July 1, 2023. Apart from that, the MTARGET WordPress plugin is currently being updated to version 2.1.5.

Google Analytics

The first thing to note is that you must have a Google Analytics account first, GA is one of the integration features in the MTARGET app, GA can be directly accessed through the MTARGET app on the Tools > Integration > Google Analytics menu.

For MTARGET WordPress plugins can be accessed via URL https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailtarget-form/

You can access Google Analytics 4 by:

  1. Open the Google Analytics feature on the MTARGET app

  1. Try changing the version from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4 version and fill in the Track ID from your Google Analytics account, then click the Save button


You can integrate with 2 methods:

  1. Download MTARGET WordPress plugin here
  2. Go to Tools > Integration > Wordpress

  1. You can integrate with 2 methods: Metode 1
    • Login to your Dashboard on WordPress Admin
    • Click Plugin Menu on the WordPress Admin sidebar
    • Select Add New to add a new plugin
    • In search box, type MTARGET Plugin, then click Install Now
    • If it has been successfully installed, click Activate to enable the plugin

Metode 2

  • Download MTARGET Plugin in WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Extract the file, then upload it to your site at /wp-content/plugins
  • Install plugin, then click Activate to enable the plugin
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