Improvement Page section and Image Masking, and New Chat Integration

Update September 1, 2020

Improvement Page

Position of the Section

You can change the position of your section content into several styles. Like Sticky if you wanted to make your section content appear on the screen every time you scroll the page. Or Fluid if you want to create content with a wider display, following the page size. And Sticky Fluid for a combination of Sticky and Fluid styles, which means that the section content will continue to appear on the screen every time you scroll the page with a width that follows the page width.

Image component for Masking

You can change the style of the image that you have uploaded, formed into several shapes that we have provided.

New Chat Integration

Now you can add chat shortcuts to Telegram Chat and Facebook Messenger on the Page that you created. As well as adding message templates in every chat integration you use.

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