Improvement in Push Campaign, Import Contact Rules, Shorten Link in Campaign and Help Button.

New Update March 9, 2021

Banner Management allows you to create personalized notifications with Banner on your website. This features also equipped with reports, so you can measure how engaged your website is with visitors.

Audience Manager

You can create more segmented recipients with the Audience Manager feature to send notification from Push Campaign or Banner Management. This feature works by record every visitor who accesses a page that you have specified from the start. Then the recap results will be stored in the Audience Manager. The visitor recap results from the Audience Manager can be used for you to send notifications with Push Campaign or Banner Management.

For more details, read here to find out more about Audience Manager.

Push activation on Landing Page

If you want to create a MTARGET Page to get visitors to send push notifications, you can activate this option.

Improvement New Import Rules Contact: Invalid Data

The latest addition of rules is to filter out contacts that have invalid data fields. There will be 3 options to filter invalid contacts, you can do Skip (Keep uploading but invalid field data will be ignored), Reject Row (If there is one invalid data field in the contact, the contact will be detected as invalid), Replace With (You will replace empty or invalid data fields here.)

Improvement Help Button

Help button you can find at the bottom right has been redesigned to be of greater assistance to you. Now there is a guide that you can read and search from the app without having to move to

You can use the Shorten Link feature if you want to share your email or landing page with a more concise link.

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