Team Management & Page Section

Update 1 Mei 2020

Team Management

Team Management will help you work in teams more effectively in one of your MTARGET accounts. So you can invite your partners to your MTARGET account so you can work in teams with 3 different roles, namely Admin, Marketer and Content.

Page Section

Page section makes it easy for you to create content that will be directly posted on the Page that you want to create, so you don’t have to bother creating sections on each page you create.

Subcriber Setting

Now you can set the default content in the subscriber response when the user finishes filling out the form with Opt-in or when the user is doing an Unsubscribe.

Improvement Size Limitation in File Manager

In the File Manager when you want to upload files, there are additional file size limitations. So, if you upload a file the size that is above the limitation, the file will not be able to process or fail to upload.

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