product update

Whatsapp Link on Landing Page, Multiupload File Manager, Weekly Email Marketing Summary Report

Update November 29 2019

Duplicate Landing Page

Previously, only pages created through the Template Manager feature could be shared with other MTARGET users. But at this time, every page that has ever been created can be duplicated or saved as a template.

If you add the WhatsApp button, the link will automatically lead to, you only need to add the destination phone number.

Multiupload File Manager

When uploading multiple files, and there are files that do not match, there is no need to repeat the upload.

Weekly Email Marketing Summary Report

Every Monday, the MTARGET system will send an e-mail in the form of a statistical summary of your e-mail marketing activities.

Image Editor Improvement

We made several changes to the appearance of Image Resizer to facilitate the use of these features.



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