Overview of the Push Campaign Configuration

Here you will learn some explanations about the Configuration section which is part of the Push Campaign feature. There will be two settings here, namely the settings for the push campaign icon and the opt-in set, then the settings for the Web Push installation.


In this section, you can manage two things. First, the icon in the push notification, and the second is to set the time for the opt-in to appear.

Notification Icon

Here you can change the notification icon that will appear when you send push notifications via a push campaign. Make sure the pixel size in the image you are going to use is 192x192.

Set Opt-in Time

Previous. It is important to understand that this opt-in is a notification that appears when a web visitor accesses your website to agree whether a visitor is willing to accept a push notification. Like the example image below

There are two settings that you can do here “Opt-in Re-Appear Time” and “Show Push Permission Opt-in After”.

Opt-in Re-Appear Time: Settings for the appearance time of the second opt-in, and so on. So you can set the time interval from the first opt-in appears. You can choose the timeframe in seconds, minutes or hours.

Show Push Permission Opt-in After: Setting to show the opt-in for the first time when a visitor visits your website. Here you can only select the second time option for the opt-in to appear.

Web Activation

Here you will do the activation on the website or landing page that you have created. For how to activate on your own website, you can read here for a more complete tutorial.

If you want to activate the opt-in on the landing page, you just need to turn on the switch button in the “On Your Landing Page”. Once activated, the opt-in will also appear on your Page.

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