How to Send Push Notifications via Push Campaign

Here you will learn how to send push notifications via push campaigns. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the “Push Campaign” menu, then click the “Create Campaign” button.
  2. Here you will fill in some information for the push campaign:
  • Campaign Name: Fill in the title of the campaign you want.
  • Recipient: Here all visitors who are recorded as having allowed opt-in on your website, will receive all push notifications.
  • Send time: Set the time if you want to send scheduled.
  • Expired time: Set the push notification expiration time. When you set this time, every visitor who doesn’t open the device at the specified time will not get a push notification. If a visitor opens the device before the expiration time, they will get a push notification. (If you don’t set the expiration time at all, it will automatically expire 4 weeks from the date of campaign delivery).

If it is filled in, click the “Design Content” button.

  1. Here are some parts that you need to fill in:
  • Title: The title of the push notification.
  • Message: Fill in the message you want to send in the push notification.
  • Targeted Link: The link that you want to send for visitors to visit the link.

Note: If you want to change the icon on the push notification, you can change it via the push campaign dashboard, then select the “Settings” button.

  1. If you have confirmed the content correctly, click the “Send Now” button.

At this point, the push notification has been successfully sent and will be sent to all of your visitors.

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