About Suspended Accounts

If you get a notification that your account is suspended, then you can’t do anything because your account has been totally deactivated. So what you can’t do with your account, and the reasons why it may be suspended can vary. For special reasons why the account is suspended, please contact us. However, there are a few things you need to know about suspended accounts:

Why Accounts Can Be Suspended?

There are several reasons that may cause your account to be suspended. The following are some of the factors that can cause an account to be suspended:

Not Completed Payment

When you subscribe, there will be an expiration date for your package. By not completing or continuing the package, your MTARGET account will be suspended. However, after the expiration date, the MTARGET account will not be deactivated immediately. After your account has passed the package expiration date, you will enter a grace period.

About Grace Period

During the grace period, the account still has 14 days to activate. You can still open an MTARGET account, but you cannot send or publish campaigns. If during grace period you still don’t continue payment, your account will be automatically suspended.

Can the suspended account be returned? You can restore your suspended account, but you need to create a new account again if you want to use MTARGET. We can help you restore data from your suspended account, such as contact data that has not been backed up yet but has already been suspended.

Misuse of Accounts and Prohibited Content

First of all, you can read Term & Condition and Privacy Policy to ensure how MTARGET works in managing your data and how the policies in MTARGET.

Then you can read what are the restrictions on MTARGET here. In summary, if you use an MTARGET account on a website that contains gambling, buying and selling data or even using a purchased email list, your account will be automatically suspended. In addition, the use of prohibited content, such as pornographic content/sexual elements, explicit writing, or content that contains hatred, will also impact your account, which will be automatically suspended.

This also applies if any of your users find out that you are trying to abuse, if proven true then your account could potentially be suspended.

Then what do I need to do if my account is Suspended?

You can contact us via Live Chat. As long as the reason the MTARGET account is suspended is not due to abuse or violations, we will help to provide an alternative solution to suspended account.

How Can I Avoid Suspend?

You can read all the guides or rules that you need to know about MTARGET here, especially so that your account is not suspended:

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