Management Team Overview

Here you will learn about Team Management as a whole and what areas need to be known in Team Management.

Team List

Here will contain all of your team members along with the information. Such as email members, roles that have been determined, the date of the last activity to the status of whether the member is active or not.

If you click the action button, member information and activity history will appear.

Invite Member

Here you can invite your partners to use MTARGET. Please note, you can only invite emails that have not been registered in the MTARGET account. So, make sure the email you invite has never registered or registered on an MTARGET account.

There are 3 roles here:

  1. Admin: Role who has full access on the MTARGET account
  2. Marketers: Have full access to campaign creation and delivery, but cannot enter the Billing menu and export data.
  3. Content: Can only create campaigns and view reports.
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