Basic Tutorial - Tracking Messages

By default, every email you send using Transactional MTARGET can be tracked. But you can also disable tracking feature on each email by using track property.


Transactional MTARGET provides six types of tracks that you can see on Transactional Dashboard as well as on each labeled email. Each type will contain details of email subject, recipient email, email sender and time.

  • Opens With open track, you can see who opened email along with the time and amount to open it.

  • Sent With sent track, you can see which emails have successfully received emails you’ve sent.

  • Bounce With bounce track, you can see which emails failed to send. This can be because the recipient’s email has been inactive or a fake email.

  • Unopen With unopen track, you can see anyone who has unopened the email.

  • Click-through If your email has a link, with this track you can see who has clicked on the link. With time and total of clicks.

  • Unsubscribe With unsubscribe track, you can see anyone who does unsubscribe.

  • Stats Statistics can used to see progress of your email delivery. You can filter by weekly, monthly or yearly. Statistics will show all types of tracks.

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