How to Validate Domains in Transactional Emails

Here you will learn how to do domain validation in Transactional Email. This validation is required so that you can send Transactional Emails with your domain. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Transactional Email menu. If you have previously filled in your domain, then you can go directly to the Domain Management menu.
  2. In the domain section, if validate is still in NO status, click on View Instruction.
  3. Here will display the TXT and CNAME records which are required for you to install in the DNS Management of your domain.
  4. Now move to your DNS Management to start setting up TXT and CNAME Records.

You can find all the records listed below in more detail at Domain Management in Transactional Email.

Configuration for TXT and CNAME Records

This is an example of CNAME and TXT configuration according to the records listed in Domain Management. In some domains the server may look different such as name labels, fields etc. Because each DNS provider has different settings. You can get all the records below in more detail in Domain Management in Transactional Email, because in Domain Management there is a unique code that is different for each user.

Here is an example of a TXT you need to add:

First TXT Record

Type: TXT
Name: (Fill in with your domain)
Record/Value: code)
TTL: Default

Note: For Record / Value section, they have their own unique code on each user’s Domain Management Dashboard. So to find out your unique code, you can look at Domain Management in Transactional Email.

Second TXT Record

Type: TXT
Name: (Fill in with your domain)
Record/Value: v=spf1 -all
TTL: Default

Do not create more than one TXT for SPF. However, you can add additional records in one configuration.

CNAME record

Record type: CNAME
Name: mt1._domainkey.(Fill in with your domain)
TTL: Default

If the DNS Management on your server domain cannot add the Record, please contact your server domain because some old server domains do not provide an option to provide a Record. So you can’t add a on your CNAME record.

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