User Manual - Introduction


In this documentation, will be explained about MailTarget Transactional and any features you can use such as:

You can use all MailTarget Transactional features by using API interface. In addition, for visual features such as template design you can use by going to Transactional Dashboard.

If you are still confused, please check API Reference and Email Best Practice. Or you can contact our support team via chat in the right corner of this page.

Getting Started

We make registration process as easy as possible. If you don’t already have MailTarget account, you can create it here Then you can contact us via chat in the right corner of this page or follow this link to be able to start using MailTarget Transactional.

Pricing & Features Overview


The price using MailTarget Transactional is IDR 3 /email. You can use all features available on Transactional, but for each time you send an email will be charged.


Featured features available in MailTarget Transactional include:

  • Mailing List
  • Report Campaign Based on Label
  • Template Email

Verifying Domain

To be able to use MailTarget Transactional, you must verify your domain first. This is done to connect MailTarget with your domain to be able to send email.

Domain verification can be done in easy way. You just need to enter your domain name in Transactional Dashboard, section Domain Authentication. Then add on your DNS Domain settings three TXT records that can be viewed on Domain Verification & DNS tab. Here’s an explanation of the three TXT record:

  • Verivication Code. This code is used to verify domain ownership.
  • SPF. Used to validate that emails sent are correctly sent via your domain.
  • DKIM. Like SPF, DKIM is used to validate email and support more email service providers.

If you have added TXT records to your domain, then there will be a ✅ mark on each TXT record that is appropriate. If not, there will be a ❌ and you can not use MailTarget Transactional before all TXT records are ✅.

DNS Records Summary

Type Required Purpose Value
TXT Yes Domain verification (Unique Code) MT=mtpola.nada.designlRHqFfad
TXT Yes Domain verification (SPF) v=spf1 ?all
TXT Yes Domain verification (DKIM) v=DKIM1; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAyVreTFTTRnTx3jr/2PFRG10Lw2kfwltPW/+Fffvnl2i69o/W5hEU8zC+b9Pp0wybFG7E0OTN3wFm2GDQp7q5qj5aQ4+Oqq01fNqn20uXaLN0oiTLCse+nCgx/7mN3pqNWf6JZPc8xWAqNK6WBuRiAWcw6TNlXW5H5/FsTFe4q+J0UG0JcqxWLf//CuhS3YsBwA5IHLlLFhw3JV9a4UALbxPcRbCtG50Lb4AznTMx2Z7Eji5grA/CY1A0ngZzKYDvmrZhwAYcPvHaJxcQDjTCDibkFqXdykkW52iTP9u0Cd9Xupsob9Kr6tF3yU/ns75FZWdpuilHzZndlvmwPHXCjwIDAQAB
CNAME   Enables tracking
MX   Enables tracking
MX   Enables tracking


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