Getting Started with MTARGET

You will learn to start using MTARGET from the beginning until sending the first email with MTARGET features.

Getting Started

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Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce
If you gets a Soft Bounce or Hard Bounce, this is what you need to know.

How to Import and Add New Contacts
To add email contacts to the contact book, there are two choices that you can use, namely adding ...

Guide to Creating Welcome Email with the MTARGET Feature
Havin trouble in making a welcome email? Here's the steps.

Email Marketing Glossary
A list of digital dan email marketing terms that we have summarized as well as we sort to facilit...

Obtaining Subscriber Email Data
Are you having trouble getting subscriber email data? Follow these steps to get it.


Contains guidelines that you need to know about email marketing and other MTARGET features.

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Frequently asked questions about MTARGET

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