Api Reference


POST https://trx.mailtarget.co/outbox

You can send transactional email using HTTP API. Minimum, you need to include from, ` to, labels, subject and content`. Here is a summary of all the parameters you can use on Transactional MTARGET.

Parameter Status Description
from Required Email address will appear in the email header.
to Required Recipient email address. You can use commas to separate more than one recipient. Example: " jon@example.com, jin@example.com, jun@example.com ". You can also use the mailing list as a recipient.
labels Required Features that you can use to grouping transactional emails.
data Not Required Feature that you can use it to add custom shortcodes.
subject Required Subject of the email will appear in the email subject.
content Required (if you use HTML) Email content is HTML format.
templateid Required (if you use template) Id used to use template as content
track Not Required (default is true) To enable track features on sent emails.