Overview Manage Transactional Domains

When the first time you use Transactional Email, you will be asked to fill in the domain you are using to send the email. Here you will get the information needed later to send Transactional Emails, which is on the ‘Manage Domain’ page. Here is the explanation:


Contains the information you need for transactional email sending.

  1. API BASE URL: Server domain of MTARGET used for sending Transactional Emails.
  2. API KEY: Access the code required to get email sending access from MTARGET Transactional Email server from API BASE URL. This code is important because it will be required every time you send an email.

Domain Information

  1. Domain: Contains the domain information that you use to send Transactional Emails.
  2. Domain ID: Access the code required to get email sending access from the MTARGET Transactional Email server.
  3. Validated: The validation status of your domain in Transactional Emails. To do domain validation, you can read the tutorial here.
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