Email Best Practices


As in the real world, as an email sender you have a reputation as an email sender. This reputation is built based on what you are doing. For example on email delivery. If you send too many emails, then you could get a bad reputation from an email service provider (ESP). Each ESP has different measurements to measure reputation, so you may get a bad reputation on a particular ESP, but not on another ESP.

IP Addresses

IP Address is an IP address used to send email. Just like home, IP Address is the sender’s home address. With that, IP Address greatly affects your email reputation. If you send too many emails, ESP can block that IP.


Not only from IP, your domain’s reputation is also affected from DNS. DNS (domain name system) is a system for storing your domain information. With DNS you can share information about your domain on servers or other computers.


Authentication is very important for email sender. If you do not correctly authenticate sender email, email service providers may assume that the emails you send are considered as spam. Therefore you are required to authenticate the sender domain with SPF and DKIM.

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists provide convenience to send an email using email alias address. Transactional MTARGET will send a copy of the email from the alias email address to each member who subscribes to the mailing list.


Bounce is used when an email is returned to the sender for a specific reason. This mean you send an email to invalid or incorrect email address such as incorrect domain name, not real email address or an unknown receiver.


Unsubscribe is an action that will be taken by the user to opt-out or rejection from receiving any emails.

Recipient Engagement

In order to improve your reputation, do not send any emails using sender without inbox, means sender like noreply @ Because when your user reply the email but can not send the email because the email does not have inbox, it can decrease your reputation.

Email Content

Email Content is the content of email you send to your customers. Email content supported by Transactional MTARGET is HTML and templates. We encourage you to deliver relevant content to your customers. Because if not, your email can go into spam category.


Spam emails are the types of emails unwanted by recipients, where they are in their inbox without any warranty from the sender’s permission.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

Email Service Provider or commonly abbreviated as ESP, is a software service that can help email marketers to send their email marketing campaigns to customers.

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