Overview Social Media Management

There are 2 sections in the MTARGET Social Media Management:

  1. Navigation and Action (upper area)
  2. Email List Area (main area)

On navigation and action, there are 4 sub-areas:

  1. Page Title
    This shows the title of your page recently, according to the page you visit.
  2. Breadcrumbs
    You can use breadcrumbs navigation to move to previous page.
  3. Social Profile
    Social profile is used to manage account. You can manage account and campaign search based on social media used.
  4. Publish Post
    You can use Publish Post to create post for campaign that will be published in your social media.

Campaign List Area

On Campaign List Area is also displayed the list of campaign which are sorted based on the latest campaign that ever created. Campaign list will displayed your last 10 created campaigns.

In addition, you can do filtering to search campaign easier.



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