Introducing MTARGET’s new pricing

With over 6 years of experience providing email capability tools, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the pricing models that work best and how to assist our users in increasing their revenue and achieving their goals.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new pricing models. These models offer enhanced flexibility for subscribing to our packages, allowing you to freely choose selected features, payment periods, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about our new pricing:

Increased pricing flexibility and email quota variety Within our new pricing structure, you can discover the ideal plan for your business. By selecting a payment period (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), you can align your payment schedule with your business needs. This ensures you’ll know exactly when to make payments in accordance with your subscription agreement.

Additionally, you can gauge estimated prices by adjusting the “Estimated email sent” slider on the page, tailoring it to suit your requirements.

You’ll find detailed information about the features offered in each package, along with a comparison of all available package features.

Should you require an enterprise-level solution not listed on our pricing page—such as customized features, a pay-as-you-grow payment method, or dedicated support to handle your needs—don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Continuation of previous plans Active users who have utilized our previous pricing package can extend its usage until their active period expires. This pricing package can be maintained through subscription package extensions.

However, if you choose to update/upgrade, then the new price plan model will be applied.

Downgrade dan Suspension All active users who don’t renew their subscription will be automatically downgraded to the “Free” plan. In addition, active users who have had no activity for 3 months, will have their accounts suspended. To reactivate a suspended account, you can make a request to our team. Then, the account can be active again with limited quota.

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