How to Send Messages with WhatsApp

Here you will learn how to send messages via WhatsApp. Important to note, all messages that will later be sent via WhatsApp, need to create a Message Template first. Without creating a Message Template, you cannot send WhatsApp messages to your contacts. If you have created a message in Message Templates, you can start sending messages. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp menu, select “Message”.
  2. Click “Create Message”.
  3. Here you will fill in some information:
    • WhatsApp name: Fill in the campaign title.
    • Sender: Select the number you want to use as sender.
    • Recipient: Select the contact label you want to send.

Next, you will choose a Message Template that has been validated previously. If you later want to change the message template, click the “Configuration” section and select “Update Template”.

  1. Select the message template you want to use.
  2. Here you will see a message template display that you have created.

If you include a field in the template, then in the right panel, settings will appear for adding data with 2 different sources.

  • Contact: The data added is based on the data in the field contacts.
  • Static: Added data based on what you filled in when in Compose.
  1. After you finish checking the message template, do a send test to make sure the template is as desired.
  2. The last step, you can start sending WhatsApp messages. If you want to send scheduled, click the “Scheduled” button. If you want to send it right away, you can directly click “Publish”.
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