Changing Contact Status in Customer Journey

In the Customer Journey feature, you must change your own status to determine the exact status of your contact. In this article you will learn how to change the contact status on Customer Journey.

  1. Change based on contact You can change the status of each contact manually this way:
    • Click the action button
    • Then in ‘Funnel Status’ click the dropdown below. You can change it to aware, engaged or even make its status lost by changing the account from Active to Inactive. Then the account will automatically become lost.
  2. Change based on the label
    • From the Customer Journey menu, click the ‘Manage Funnel’ button.
    • Then there will be a page with a ‘Change Status’ box
    • In the ‘From Label’ column, select the label for which you want to change the contact’s status. Then in ‘Add Status’, select the status of your Customer Journey contact for the selected contact.
  3. Change to Default This option allows to set the status of Customer Journey when there are contacts who do not yet have status. Here is how:
    • From the Customer Journey menu, click the ‘Manage Funnel’ button.
    • In the ‘Funnel Status’ box, select the status that you want to make the default status.
    • Click the ‘Save’ button.
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