About Extra Quota & Bulk Quota

In certain cases, our email quota may run out but at that time it is not yet time to renew the subscription or the expiration time is still quite long. There are only two choices, renew your subscription or buy additional quota. What additional quota options are available?

Extra Quota

At MTARGET, you can buy Extra Quota if your regular quota runs out as a backup quota at an important time. Extra Quota is active forever, so you can continue to use Extra Quota as long as the regular quota runs out and is still in the subscription period. If your subscription expires or enters the grace period, then Extra Quota cannot be used.

Extra Quota you can buy on the Billing page or contact us if you need help.

Bulk Quota

Has the same use as an additional quota from the regular quota, but there are slight differences. As an additional quota, Bulk Quota has an active period. So, Bulk Quota has its own active period and does not follow the regular quota active period.

Bulk Quota can be obtained by contacting us via Livechat.

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