Customer Insight, Custom Domain on Page, and Shortened Link on Email Marketing

21 February 2020

Customer Insight

Now you can more easily find out how engage you are with your customers by using our feature, called Customer Insight. This feature records the activities carried out by one contact, with your campaign. Suppose you have sent an email to email contact A, then when the email opens, or click the link on the button, the activity will be recorded in Customer Insight. This certainly will greatly facilitate you to find out which active email contacts.

Custom Domain on the Page

To be able to use a Custom Domain on Page, there are now additional additions to configuration, which is a TXT configuration. For a tutorial on how to add a TXT configuration to use a Custom Domain on the Page, you can read here.

You can share e-mails that you get from MTARGET by clicking ‘View email in your browser “, then there will be a’ Share ‘button in the top right corner. After you click the’ Share ‘button, capital will appear as shown above, along with links that can You share with others.

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