New Feature Segment in Contact Book, Improvement Event Management, and Detail Recipient Email

Update December 14, 2020

Contact segment

Categorize all your email contacts for easier management with the Segment feature. You don’t need to bother filtering email contacts every time you want to find a particular contact, because the Segment feature makes it easy for you to do segmentation through contact filters which you can define yourself.

Detail Recipient in Preview Email

You can see the details of email recipients that have been filtered again with certain fields or labels.

BCA Virtual Account Payment in Event Management

Event Management has now provided a new payment method through VA BCA. So the event that you create later you can also use the payment via VA BCA.

Data Filter Registrant in Event Management

You can filter registrant data through certain status, such as payment methods, payment status, billing status, or certain products.

Suspended Account

Anyone whose account is suspended because it has passed the expiration of the package, now you can activate your own account by completing a payment that you can make yourself. Unless your account violates our terms and conditions, your account cannot be reactivated.

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