New Landing Page Improvement and Manage Domain

Update May 20, 2020

Landing Page Improvement

The Landing Page has now been updated again by giving you new components that you can use to meet your needs. Here are the updates on Page:

  1. Podcast Component that can help you display the Podcast player on your Page.
  2. Navigation Components that can help you display buttons for navigation to other links or pages.
  3. Component Video updated by adding options for Gated Video. Gated Video is an option to display Pop-ups when playing videos with a specified time lag.
  4. WhatsApp integration You can now add messages in your WhatsApp link.
  5. Pop-Up allows you to display Pop-ups when someone opens your Page.

Manage Domain

This latest feature allows you to add more than one domain. Later you will determine the default domain as the main domain, so that when accessing other active domains that you have registered will go directly to the main domain. In addition you can also change the Slug on Page. This slug is a subdomain of the default MTARGET Page.

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