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Latest Integration on Zapier and Pixel

New Update August 7, 2020

Page integration on LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat

For those of you who use Ads on TikTok, LinkedIn or Snapchat, now you can also integrate them with MTARGET Pages into each Pixel for track visitors.

To integrate it, you can read the tutorial here for (LinkedIn)[], (TikTok Pixel)[], and (Snap Pixel)[].

Integration with Zapier

Now you can integrate with Zapier to connect with other applications. As already available are Google Form, Google Contact, Typeform and many more. You can integrate the application into MTARGET by using Zapier. The actions you can choose are saving the contact and saving the Form response (Depends on the selected application).

For a more complete tutorial, click on the tutorial below based on the application you want to know:



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