WhatsApp, Web-Push Notification, and Heatmap Report Email

Update February 21, 2021


Now you can broadcast messages to all your contacts, directly to their WhatsApp account. Also get a detailed report on every sending of your WhatsApp messages. Read the full tutorial here

Web-Push Notification

Sending push notifications is now easier with MTARGET’s Push Campaign. You can send push notifications to all of your website visitors. You will also get a report of each push notification delivery. Read the full tutorial here

Heatmap Report

Heatmap help you visualize where the most clicked areas are in your emails. It will show you which links are the most popular and the percentage of email subscribers who clicked on each link. Check the complete tutorial here.

Billing Pay As You Go

For those of you who use the “Pay As You Go” package, a billing page has now been provided for you. So you will get information regarding the quota of emails that have been sent, the cut-off date, the price per email. and others.

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