Integration of Page with LinkedIn

Here you will learn how to integrate your website, with LinkedIn Ads. This method is useful for data acquisition through LinkedIn Ads by using Embed Page or Pop-up. So, when you create an Ads campaign on LinkedIn, you can direct it to a link on your website that has already inserted a Page or Pop-up from MTARGET.

Make sure you have a website, and you already have an account on LinkedIn. If you have prepared it, follow the steps below to integrate the Page that you created on MTARGET to be able to advertise on LinkedIn.

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click the ‘Work’ icon. Then select ‘Place an Ad’.

  3. Complete the empty fields to create an Ads account on LinkedIn.
  4. When finished, you will be taken to the Campaign Manager.
  5. Click the name of the Ads that you have created.
  6. Click ‘Asset Account’, then select ‘Tag Insight’.
  7. Click the ‘Install Tag Insight’ button.
  8. Select ‘I will install the tags myself’. Code that can be copied will appear later. Here you will only take the ID code to be integrated in MTARGET. Pay attention to the code that says linkedin_partner_id = “—“

Just copy the numbers. This number is the ID that you will need to copy to MTARGET later.

  1. Now go back to the MTARGET account, then enter the ‘Integration’ menu.
  2. Select ‘LinkedIn Insight Tag’ then click the ‘View Details’ button.
  3. Paste the ID that you got earlier into the integration column. Click the ‘Update’ button, then paste the ID then click ‘Save’.

Here you have succeeded in integrating your website with LinkedIn. To be able to see visitor info, you need to reach 300 visitors first before you can see visitor data.

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