How to Save Subscriber Contacts from Mailchimp to MTARGET Contact Book

Here you will learn about how to save contact data from Mailchimp, it will automatically be saved in MTARGET Contact Book. So, later on every new contact that you store in your Mailchimp account, will also be automatically inputted into the MTARGET Contact Book. This integration requires Zapier as a third party, so make sure you already have an Zapier account.

Before starting to make integration, first make sure in your Mailchimp account you have audience or contact data, because this contact data will later be used as a contact test to ensure integration can run smoothly.

Click ‘Audiences’ menu> Select Audience Dashboard> Click ‘Manage Audience’> Select ‘Add Subscriber’.

If you already have it, follow these steps:

Setting Up Integration

  1. Open your zapier account, then click ‘My Apps’ and search for on the search bar.

  2. Next, you will be asked to fill out the Token API. Open your MTARGET account, then enter the Integration menu and select ** Zapier **. There will appear the Token API. Copy and paste it in the column on the Zapier page. Then click the ‘Yes, Continue’ button.
  3. To confirm whether the integration has been successful, you can click the ‘Test’ button. Then if the ‘Success’ notification appears, then the integration of your MTARGET account into Zapier has been successful.
  4. Go to the ‘My Apps’ page on Zapier. Search for ‘Mailchimp’ in the search bar. You will be asked to login to your Mailchimp account.

If he steps you have successfully added Mailchimp to your Zapier account.

Set the Trigger

Now it’s time you will integrate Eventbrite into your MTARGET account. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter the Zap menu, then click the ‘Create zap’ button.
  2. Set the title of your zap.
  3. Then in the search bar, select ‘Mailchimp’. Then in ‘Choose Trigger Event’, select ‘New Subscriber’.
  4. Select your Mailchimp account.
  5. At the ‘Customize Susbcriber’ stage,
  6. In the ‘Find Data’ stage, Zapier will try to read one of the contact data that is already in your Mailchimp account. Make sure you have contacts in your Mailchimp account then click ‘Continue’.

Define the Action

  1. Next, type MTARGET in the search bar. Then click.
  2. Under ‘Choose Action Event’, select ‘Save Contact’.
  3. After that you will do ‘Customize Contact’. Here you will determine the columns that correspond to the required fields such as Email, Firstname and Label as shown below

Note: Fill in the Label field with the Label name you want registered in the Contact Book.

  1. Then the sample data will appear to be sent to the contact in the MTARGET Contact Book account. Click ‘Test & Continue’.

  2. When finished, you can check all the integration flows that you have made. Make sure it’s appropriate. If it feels right, click ‘Done Editing’. Then ‘Turn on Zap’ to enable integration.

After integration, all subscriber data coming in from your Mailchimp account will automatically enter the MTARGET Contact Book.

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