Effects of Dark Mode on Email Marketing

Several email clients have now implemented a Dark Mode theme on their displays. In some cases, it may not look the same as you intended because it is affected by the Dark Mode theme. Here you will learn how the Dark Mode theme will affect the appearance of your email.

About Dark Mode

The Dark Mode theme on the email client displays reversed colors on images, text, backgrounds and more. So, when you send an email with a white background or text, for example, it could be that if the recipient of the email uses Dark Mode, the appearance of the email you send will change. However, not all of them will change the appearance, because this case only occurs on the email client and what device you use to open the email.

Email Client that Supports Dark Mode

Some email clients already support Dark Mode, but there are also email clients that don’t support Dark Mode. Here is a list of email clients that support the Dark Mode theme and the effects that occur if use the Dark Mode theme to open the email:

Mobile Apps:

  • iPhone Mail: No color change.
  • iPad Mail: No color change.
  • Gmail App (Android): Only some colors have changed.
  • Gmail App (iOS): All colors change.
  • Outlook App (Android): Only some colors change.
  • Outlook App (iOS): Only some colors change.

Desktop Clients:

  • Apple Mail (MacOS): No color change.
  • Outlook 2019 (MacOS): Only some colors have changed.
  • Outlook 2019 (Windows): All colors change.

Web Clientss:

  • Outlook.com: Only some colors change.
  • Gmail.com: Only some colors have changed.

Even though some of the email clients mentioned above already support the Dark Mode theme, that doesn’t mean they handle your emails the same ways. So, it could be that in some emails there is still a display that is not synch with the original one.

Will It Affect When I Send Email?

The answer is yes. As mentioned above, there will be some color changes depending on the email client of the recipient. However, we do have a few alternatives if you are dealing with email recipients using a Dark Mode theme in their email clients:

  1. Ignore the compatibility of dark mode where the control rests with the user. Users who feel uncomfortable reading your email may switch to normal mode to view content in full/normal.

  2. Force mode, you can use the full image content as a unified image element along with the background color if it is feared that dark mode will spoil the appearance of the email. But in terms of content optimization, using too many or large images can also affect email performance, such as load time if the image is large, or text content that is not responsive because it is attached to an image.



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