About the Email Domain Blacklist

In this article you will learn about what needs to be done if your email domain is blacklisted by the email server. This certainly will greatly affect the performance of your deliverability of your email, because if you get blacklisted from the server, then the bounce rate of emails will be very high. Of course you do not want this to happen right?

Here is what you need to know about email domain blacklists.

What is an email domain blacklist?

Blacklist domain email is a situation where your email domain is listed as blacklist due to a suspicious use. Whether it’s found by the server or from the recipient of the email. If you want to find out more about spam emails, read the article about spam filters here

Why is the domain blacklisted?

Generally, email domains can get blacklisted because you use shared IP. Because your domain is used by many people, we don’t know what other people who have the same IP as what you are doing. It could be to send email scam or email spam which certainly can affect the performance of deliverability email. This can also affect the delivery of email.

We recommend maintaining the reputation of your email domain, you can use dedicated IP. This is because dedicated IP uses a private address that only you own. So you can more easily monitor how domain activities. In contrast to shared IP, you cannot monitor how the domain activity is.

Another factor is that your email domain is reported as spam by your subscriber. It could be because the email is deemed irrelevant, or maybe you also enter the recipient’s email without prior approval or notification with the recipient of the email.

How do you find out what email domains are blacklisted?

To find out if a domain is hit by a blacklist, you can check it through sites like https://mxtoolbox.com/ then enter the domain that you want to check its records. After you enter the domain, some email servers will check your domain whether the domain has a good record or is detected as a blacklist.

Later, a list of results will appear checking your email domain from several email servers. If the ✔ mark appears, then the domain is categorized as safe, if the ✘ sign appears then your domain is detected as a blacklist domain. After you scan, and find out which email server categorizes the domain as blacklist, the next step is to request so that your domain is not blacklisted on the email server.

Generally on the email server, you can apply for the removal of blacklist so that deliverability email in the domain can be recovered. After you submit a blacklist deletion and your proposal is approved, the next step is to restore the domain’s reputation. Deliverability emails will not recover immediately when blacklist from your domain is revoked. It will recover slowly. You can try to do warming up domain.

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