How to Warm Up an Email Domain

If you often send email marketing, surely you also understand about what needs to be done so that the email does not enter the spam box. But if the email sent is still in the spam box, it could be that you have never warming up the domain.

Is it important to do this?

Warming up domains are useful to help improve the reputation of email domains because the domain reputation is one of the factors used by Email Service Providers (ESP) to identify email spam. That’s why it’s important to warm up the domain before sending email marketing to customers, especially if you are using a new domain. The following are facts about warming up domains.

  • For new domains, there may be some problems with email delivery in the first week. This indicates that the domain reputation is being built.

  • ESP usually places an email with a new domain in the spam box to see if the recipient will mark it as not spam or leave it.

  • On average it takes 30 days to build a domain reputation, and can be longer depending on the number of emails sent, the quality of email contacts, and the frequency of sending emails.

Then how do you do it?

  1. Start warming up domain only for 1 email address. Just add another email address after 1 month.

  2. Start sending emails with a small volume. Avoid sending lots of emails when just using a new domain. Start by sending 50 emails on the first day, 100 emails on the second day, 500 emails on the third day, or you can see it in the following picture.

  1. Try sending an email manually to colleagues before sending an email to the subscriber and asking them to mark not spam if the email goes to the spam box.

  2. Add SPF and DKIM settings. Read here to make SPF and DKIM settings.

  3. Try the test to send an email.

  4. Monitor the results of warming up domain by seeing whether the email is still in spam or still entering bounce.

Domains need warming up before it can be used to send large amounts of email. Indeed, extra effort is needed and long enough to do warming up domains. But if it can avoid e-mail from the spam box, then there is nothing wrong to do.

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