About the Report Banner

Here you will learn some of the parameters used in the Banner report.

Total Reach

The number of unique visitors who visit the web page or page that you display the banner for. The calculation here will only count one visitor at a time. So if the same visitor visits multiple times, it will only be detected as one visitor.

Total Impression

The total number of visits by visitors who visit the web page or page that you send the banner to. The calculation here will count the total number of visitors who are present. So even with the same visitor making multiple visits, it will still be recorded.

Total Click

The number of clicks you get on the image on the Banner.

Click Time

The time a visitor clicks on the image on the banner.


The device a visitor uses when they go to the page on which you display the banner.

Operating System

The OS that a visitor uses when opening a page where you display the banner.

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