How to Create an Interactive Form

Here you will learn to create Forms with answer choices that you can connect to more personalized questions using the ‘Interactive Form’. Here are some of the steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Forms’ menu.
  2. Select the Campaign you want to use.
  3. Once in Form Compose, you can start creating Form components here. To use ‘Interactive Form’, make sure the components you use are ‘Multiple Choice’ and ‘Dropdown’. In this example, we will try to create a ‘Multiple Choice’ component.
  4. After that, a display like this will appear

As already highlighted, there are two icons that work for {2} adding an answer connection to another question, and {1} removing an answer connection. Here we will try to add an answer connection.

  1. For example here, we will add a question connection to the answer ‘Option 1’. Then you will choose one of the components, for example ‘Short Answer’.

Based on the picture above, every time a user chooses the answer ‘Option 1’ will be connected to the next question and so on.


Q: What happens if I do ‘Delete Connection’?

A: You will only delete the connection between the answer and the sub-questions afterwards. Then, the sub-questions will become the parent question.

Q: Interactive Form can be done on any component?

A: Multiple Choice and Dropdown.

Q: Do users need to “Lock Answer” every time they want to submit an answer?

A: Yes, the user needs to click “Lock Answer” to lock the answer on one of the answers to unlock the follow-up question.

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