Basic Tutorial - Create Form

Here you can create a form by first entering the form page, then clicking the Create Form button.

  1. Enter the name of the form according to your wishes.
  2. If you want to save subscriber data from the form to contact, then you can activate Save to Contact. Please note, if you activate Save to Contact then the Email field cannot be deleted when you are in Compose Form

  1. You can also enable Double Opt-in. This allows you to send a confirmation email to subscribers, to make sure the data you entered is correct.
  2. Then select the label as you wish. Click Create to continue.
  3. Choose what form to use. Here are a few options:
    • Embed to your website: After completing the form, the embed code will be displayed
    • Show as popup in your website: After completing the form, a popup code will be displayed
    • Show MTARGET in Landing Page: After completing the form, you will be directed to create a landing page
    • Form only: Create a form without being directed anywhere.

After that you will enter into Compose Form Editor.

Before you start adding components, you can change the form information in the form settings first, which is located on the right side of the page.

Details Form

  • Submit Button: Used to change the title of the action button for submit.
  • Redirect after submit: Used to redirect the action after the user clicks the submit button. You can set it using text or be directed to another page that you have created before.

You can read more about the details on the Form here

WebHook Url

Used to add WebHook links such as WhatsApp or Telegram to the form on the Landing Page, so that the user’s data from the form automatically gets a post to WhatsApp or Telegram. Read here for how to use WebHook Url.


Used to add a captcha in the form that you will use.

In adding a component, you can go through the plus button located in the left corner or by drag and drop components.

To see how your form will look when published, click preview. On the preview page, you can check the form before you publish it.

When you are satisfied with the form you created, click Update Form to update the Form.

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