Add multiple domains to the Page

In this article you will learn how to add a domain for access to your Page. So, you can use two or more domains to add them as a way to access your Page. For example you want to add Page access to a domain that you already have, this can be done through multiple domains. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the ‘Manage Domain’ menu from the Landing Page.
  2. By default, your default domain is the domain of MTARGET. Here you will add the domain that you have. Click the ‘Add domain’ button.
  3. Next your domain will appear in the domain list with the status needs to be verified.
  4. Click the ‘Action’ button.
  5. Here you will be asked to add a DNS configuration according to what type of record needs to be added in the DNS Manager you have.
  6. To add the record, you can read our tutorial to add the domain here.
  7. After you successfully add a domain, your domain status will become ‘Validated’.
  8. You currently have two domains. Your own domain that was just added, and the domain from MTARGET. The default domain here is the main domain that will appear when you access other domains that you have added in ‘Manage Domain’.

Suppose you have three domains. The first domain is, then the second is, then the last is the default domain from MTARGET, for example When you choose as the default domain, then later you can also access via or because it will direct directly to

  1. To change the default domain, click the ‘Change’ button then select the domain you want to use. Make sure the domain you want to choose is the validated domain.
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