How to send HTML emails

If you want to send emails according to what you want without going through the components in MTARGET Email Marketing, you can try to make HTML Email. So, make sure you already have the HTML email that you want to send.

Before you start to send email, we assume you have HTML Email to send. There are a number of things that you need to pay attention to when sending an HTML Email via MTARGET:

1. Desktop and mobile display will be different This is because HTML Email that has been made can only be for one version, for example you want to make HTML Email only for recipients who read it via desktop, so if you send to recipients who open via mobile email will certainly have a different look .

2. Unable to attach Youtube video That is because the syntax / code that works in HTML emails is very limited, so users need testing first by sending a test email first.

3. Image in HTML Email If you have an image in your HTML Email, then make sure the image in the HTML has been uploaded, both in the MTARGET File Manager or other cloud services.

Some of the points above are some things that you need to consider when sending an email. If you think that the HTML email that you are sending is ready, here’s how to send an HTML Email, it’s quite easy:

  1. Enter the Email Marketing menu in the sidebar.
  2. Click ‘Create Email’, then select HTML Email.
  3. After that you will be taken to a pop-up that is asked to upload the HTML file of your email.
  4. After uploading the HTML Email file, you will be taken to ‘Email Composer’. Although you have used HTML Email, but you can still add components in the Email Marketing feature if deemed necessary.

If you want to edit the * script * in HTML Email, click the following icon to edit it

  1. When finished, don’t forget to fill in the subject of the email, recipient, email sender. Then click Preview and Send. If you feel that everything is ready, click ‘Send’.


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