Form Detail

On form, you are able to do setting on Form Detail. The configurations are:

  • Submit Button
    Title : Title on submit button.

  • Submit Limitation
    Max Responses : Input of amount of maximal audiens that could fill on your form.

  • Redirection after Submit
    There are 3 types of redirect you could select:

    • Url : After the audience submit the form, then the page will automatically directed to url (according to your configuration).

      • Redirect Url : Type the url where the audience will be directed after submitted the form.
    • Message : After the audience submitted the form, then there will be message according to the content you write.

      • Redirect Message : Type the message just like what you want to show, like when people has done filling the form. For example: Thank you for Your Participation.
    • Page : After the audience fills the Formm they will be directed to a Page according to the Page you have direct.

      • Page : Select page you desired.
      • Redirect Url : Contains your page url.

After you have done setting on Form Detail, you are able to click Save button to save the changes.

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