Page integration in Squarespace

In this article you will learn how to integrate the MTARGET Page feature with Squarespace. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a page first then publish
  2. On the list page, click the ‘share’ action
  3. Select Embed, there is a script to embed the page
  4. Login to Squarespace then on the header page click ‘Template’
  5. Choose a template according to taste then click ‘start here’ template page

  6. The capital will appear ‘Welcome to Your Site’ fill in site title ’then click the‘ continue ’button
  7. The second step will be capital ‘Edit Pages’ and third step ‘Create Pages’ click ‘next’
  8. In the last step ‘Style Pages’ click the ‘get started’ button
  9. To start editing, click ‘edit’

  10. On the edit page, click the ‘+’ icon to add a section where the template will be embedded

  11. In the modal section select ‘Add Blank +’

  12. The result will be like this

  13. In the ‘text box’ corner there is a ‘baloon’ icon, if highlighted with a cursor, click one of the ‘baloon’ will appear modal to add components. Select ‘embed’

  14. On the embed capital click the ‘</>’ sign

  15. Copy all the embed scripts in the ‘share’ capital in the targeted app then paste in the ‘embed data’ modal. After pasting click ‘set’ then ‘apply’ capital embed data share capital

  16. To find out whether the embed was successful or not, click the ‘preview in safe mode’ button

  17. If successfully embed, the results will come out

  18. Set the layout, for components that are not needed can be deleted
  19. When finished, don’t forget to save ‘save’ then click ‘back’

  20. To see the results in the form of a preview display on mobile or desktop, click the icon in the upper right hand corner

  21. And this is the result mobile preview

desktop preview

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