Page integration on Wix

In this article you will learn how to integrate the MTARGET Page feature with Wix. There are 2 types of integration here, namely by Embed (users can determine where the page will appear) and Pop-Up (users can display pop-ups on their website).

Integration Page MTARGET (Embed)

  1. Create a page first then publish
  2. On the list page, click the ‘share’ action
  3. Select Embed, there is a script to embed the page
  4. Login to wix then select ‘blank template’ then edit

  1. On the editor page click the ‘Add’ icon on the left sidebar, then select ‘embeds’. Under the ‘embeds’ click ‘HTML iframe’

  1. A small capital will come out, then click ‘enter code’ then select ‘code’

  1. Return to the targeted app then copy all the scripts on the capital ‘share’

  1. Paste the three scripts in ‘HTML settings’ then click ‘apply’

  1. If the result is successful, adjust the position as desired by dragging the embed component

embed results

set position

  1. Design the header, footer, and background as needed

  1. If you already click ‘save’ then ‘preview’ to see the results

  1. Click ‘back to editor’, the page is ready to publish click ‘publish’

MTARGET Popup integration into Wix

MTARGET (Pop-Up) Integration Page

  1. To add a pop-up that is integrated with the target the same way as embed page (this method is for previously embed page)
  2. Enter the targeted app, on the capital ‘share’ click ‘pop-up’ then copy the second script

  1. Back to the wix editor page, in the embed component click ‘edit code’ then paste the script under the embed script. Then click ‘update’

  1. The result will be like this

  1. After that it is previewed to find out the results a

  2. Click ‘save’ and ready to publish

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