Overview Form API

Forms are useful for creating columns that will be used to collect the data you need, such as the name of your subscriber, email address of the subscriber, and other data that you need.

There are two areas on MTARGET Form page:

  1. Navigation and Action (upper area)
  2. Area List Form (main area)

There are some sub-areas on navigation and action area:

  1. Page Title This page shows the title of your current page, according to the page that you visit at current time.
  2. Breadcrumbs You are able to use breadcrumbs navigation to go to previous page.
  3. Find You are able to search form.
  4. Create Form
    You are able to create a form that you’ll share to your subscriber.

List Area Form

On list area, there is also displayed list of created form sorted by the most recent form that you created (it will displayed your last 10 created form).



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